Meet the Cobbler

'Since I love shoes and the clothes that match with it,
I’ll bring warmth to each home with flair and wit.
I’ll remind kids who have more than enough
to give something away before they grab up more stuff.'

– Elf Mates® Cobbler

With a heart bigger than Santa’s boots, these elves may have helped make shoes in the past, but now they’ve mastered the art of working with clothing and fabric of any type. They’ll liven up the dullest Christmas because they can 'cobble' almost anything together with their whimsical creativity and charm! They love games of dress-up and the good cheer of a new Christmas jumper. The Elf Mates® Cobbler will inspire you and those you love to share a little more warmth with others this Christmas.

Elf Mates® in Action

Before attemping any of these activities with your Elf Mates®, be sure to read these safety warnings. Santa wants to make sure everyone stays safe!

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