Meet the Chef

'Since I use food as the way to the heart,
I’ll cook up kind acts to set me apart.
I’ll remind kids who have a very full tummy
to give something to those who need something yummy.'

– Elf Mates® Chef

Always cooking up a dose of good cheer, the Elf Mates® Chef knows the true way to the heart is through the stomach! That’s why this spirited, sweet-loving pixie enjoys spending time in and around the kitchen; but you better watch out! They are known to have a sweet tooth of their own and might sneak a nibble from every sweet in your house. But the Elf Mates® Chef's real sweetness comes from their sweet spirit which will inspire you to share a little more bounty with those who might need it this Christmas!

Elf Mates® in Action

Before attemping any of these activities with your Elf Mates®, be sure to read these safety warnings. Santa wants to make sure everyone stays safe!

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